Starting a New Family With Tubal Reanastomosis

Now more than ever, couples who once decided on surgical sterilisation are opting to have the procedure reversed in an effort to start a family with a new partner or have another baby later in life.

Two of our founding directors, Anusch Yazdani and Michael Wynn-Williams, are some of the only doctors in Brisbane performing reverse sterilisation for women, with great results.

Many couples who have been surgically sterilised think that IVF is their best hope for starting a family, however there are a lot of benefits to a reversal.

For anyone over the age of 40, the success rates for IVF are much lower than if you were younger. By reversing you tubal ligation, studies have shown sterilisation to be much more effective, presenting a higher cumulative pregnancy rate.

The procedure is also much more affordable than IVF, making it a viable option for many couples.

All reversals are performed by keyhole surgery under anaesthetic and are minimally invasive, meaning you’ll be left with small incisions similar to when the original sterilisation was done. In most cases, patients will go home on the same day.

No matter your reason, if you wish to conceive naturally once again after reverse sterilisation, contact Eve Health to discuss your options with Michael Wynn-Williams or Anusch Yazdani.

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