Claire Howlett

Claire Howlett

BSc (Hons) Midwifery Studies (RM)

Claire has been a midwife for over ten years. She began training in the United Kingdom, working in a birthing unit with both low and high risk obstetrics. Claire moved with her family to Australia in 2011 and currently works part-time at Eve Health and as a clinical midwife at The Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

Claire’s philosophy as a midwife is to empower women to understand birth and to trust in their own ability to birth. It is her belief that by providing women with the appropriate education and knowledge, she can dispel some of their fears and anxieties surrounding their birth expectations. This in turn enables them to embrace their pregnancy journey, have a positive birth experience and welcome their impending adventure into parenthood. Claire is passionate about helping influence birth through education and preparation, and therefore enabling women to make choices that support the type of birth they would like.

Claire believes in approaching not only the woman as the central member but also her partner, support person and family members, as it is appropriate to ensure all significant others are also included in her care.

As a midwife and member of a multidisciplinary team at Eve Health and also the Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Claire believes in all parties working together to achieve the needs of women and their families.

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