Prof Hayden Homer

Prof Hayden Homer


Queensland Fertility Group Specialist

Professor Hayden Homer is an Associate of Eve Health and could be your doctor if you require:

  • A Fertility Specialist
  • A Gynaecologist

Professor Hayden Homer is a fertility specialist and gynaecologist, with a vast background in fertility research. As a sub-specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery, Hayden has expertise in all aspects of fertility treatment and surgery, as well as in gynaecological conditions such as fibroids, menstrual disorders and endometriosis. Hayden is the inaugural Christopher Chen Chair in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Queensland, and is also a staff specialist in gynaecology and fertility at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. He was previously Consultant Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospitals NHS trust, one of the UK’s leading reproductive medicine units, and was the lead consultant for NHS IVF and Recurrent Miscarriage.

Professor Homer completed a PhD on oocyte regulation and has developed an internationally-leading research programme in fertility. In the UK, Hayden held a highly prestigious Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist Fellowship and was the Lead for Mammalian Oocyte Research at University College London’s Institute for Women’s Health.

His research into fertility has been published in the world’s premier journals and has been cited by the Faculty of 1000 Experts. Hayden has won numerous prizes and awards, including the UK’s prestigious Medical Research Society Young Investigator Award. He was UCL’s first Walport Clinical Lecturer and the first of such Lecturers across all specialties in the UK to be awarded Clinician Scientist status. Hayden set up and heads the Oocyte Biology Research Lab at UQ’s Centre for Clinical Research and during his relatively short time in Australia has received close to 2 million dollars in research funding from the NHMRC. Hayden’s research programme is dedicated to resolving the most challenging hurdles facing fertility patients with a focus on novel interventions that could combat the effects of ageing, obesity and cancer treatment on egg quality.

Professor Homer believes it is important for patients to understand the basis for their fertility problems and how various treatment options work and therefore places a strong emphasis on dedicating time to patient education. With robust clinical and research grounding, Hayden provides patients with individually tailored evidence-based management strategies designed to address their particular needs and to maximise success rates.

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