Eve’s reception team is happy to discuss any additional questions you may have. Please call us on (07) 3332 1999 or complete our contact us form.


Do I need a referral to make an appointment with an Eve Specialist?

A referral from your GP is required in order to claim any Medicare benefits you are entitled to. Your referral can be made out to a specific specialist, or to Eve Health.


Do you offer after hours appointments?

Eve Health offers after hours appointments before and after usual business hours Monday – Friday and on some Saturday mornings. Please contact reception on (07) 3332 1999 if you require an after hours appointment.

Are my medical records kept private and confidential?

Your medical file is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy. Our staff is bound by strict confidentiality requirements as a condition of employment. The contents of your medical file will not be released without your signed consent.

Fees & Insurance

What is your fee structure and billing policy?

Information on our current fee structure is available from our office. We are not a Bulk Billing practice and we do request payment at the time of consultation. We accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), EFTPOS, cash, bank cheques and personal cheques. Prepayment of the estimated surgery cost is payable two weeks prior to your procedure. Variations to this billing structure are at our discretion. Please note, additional fees may be incurred when patients are referred to pathology, ultrasound specialists or other health care providers.  These fees are separate to our fees and remain the responsibility of the patient.

How much will my insurance cover?

In general, your private health fund and Medicare will cover a portion of your fees. Please note that there will be an out-of-pocket gap for most consultations and your surgery, and this varies from one procedure to another. For surgery, we will give you a quote for your surgeon’s fees and an estimate of your gap prior to your surgery. Each private insurer provides different cover based on your circumstances and policy. It is your responsibility to ensure your health fund will adequately cover your surgery.

We also recommend you register for the Medicare Safety Net by visiting the Medicare website www.medicareaustralia.gov.au   If you are eligible for the Medicare Safety Net this may provide you with additional rebates for your out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital services for the calendar year.


When should I have my first appointment?

We recommend you contact us to book your first appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant. We will aim to schedule your first obstetrician appointment at around 12 weeks’ gestation.

Where do Eve Health obstetricians deliver?

Eve Health delivers at both The Wesley Hospital and Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, Brisbane. Your choice of obstetrician will largely determine the hospital at which you will deliver.

Dr Ben Kroon delivers exclusively at the Wesley Hospital; Dr Paul Conaghan, Dr Tal Jacobson, Dr Rob Butler, and Dr Robyn Aldridge deliver exclusively at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital; and Dr Matthew Smith, Dr David Moore, Dr Kellie Tathem, Dr Julie Buchanan and Dr Peta Wright offer delivery at both hospitals.

Who do I contact if I need assistance outside of my clinic appointments?

In a medical emergency, call the Ambulance on 000. If you are experiencing symptoms such as vaginal bleeding or fluid loss, contractions, have noticed a reduction in baby’s movements, or you are unwell, please call the below contact for your respective hospital of delivery. The midwives will advise you of the most appropriate course of action.

Mater Mothers’ Pregnancy Assessment and Observation Unit (PAOU)
(07) 3163 7000.

Wesley Hospital Labour Ward
(07) 3232 7221

If you have non-urgent symptoms, please contact the Eve Health reception team, who will arrange an appointment with your specialist as soon as possible. Phone (07) 3332 1999, Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm.

What if my chosen specialist is unavailable for my birth?

On the rare occasion that your obstetrician is unavailable for your birth, you can rest assured that another Eve obstetrician, who knows and understands your personal case, will be there to care for you with the same skill and expertise you can expect from all Eve obstetricians. All doctors have immediate access to your records and information, and will cater to your needs. Eve Health obstetrics patients deliver with their chosen obstetrician in 95% of cases.

What fees are associated with your obstetric services?

Antenatal visits, antenatal education and physiotherapy visits will be billed at the time of these consultations. Delivery fees will be billed directly to your private health fund with no cost to you.  If, however, you are uninsured, delivery fees will apply.
Please also be aware that additional costs for private hospital accommodation, anaesthetists, paediatricians and other health professionals may be involved in your care. These fees will be billed to you separately by the hospital and other providers. Your Pregnancy Management Fee (PMF) will be billed to you at 20 weeks’ gestation.


When should I see a fertility specialist?

We recommend seeing a fertility specialist after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts at conception for women over 35, and 12 months of unsuccessful conception for women under 35.

If you experience irregular periods, or you are already aware that you have a fertility issue, we recommend seeking advice sooner.

How much will an initial consultation cost?

Eve Health offers comprehensive Fertility consultation appointments for a fee of $275-$325.    For patients with Medicare and a current referral, this fee includes a consultation for one or both partners with your choice of Eve Health specialists, a diagnostic ultrasound scan (if required) and support from our Eve Health fertility nurses.

Limited after-hours and Saturday appointments are available.  To book a consultation, please phone our friendly team on (07) 3332 1999.

What options are open to us other than IVF?

Specialists at Eve Health have access to all treatment options, including medical management of hormonal disorders, ovulation induction, insemination, egg / embryo / sperm donation, surgery including advanced endoscopic surgery, and of course, IVF.

Your doctor will start by conducting a thorough investigation of any underlying causes for conception difficulties. To do this, our specialists have access to all advanced molecular and genetic assessments available. Our fertility specialists and reproductive endocrinologists can assess and manage all fertility, recurrent IVF and pregnancy loss conditions.

Are your doctors recognised specialists in fertility?

All Eve fertility specialists are certified Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists with RANZCOG and are also accredited by the Clinical Director of Fertility, A/Prof Anusch Yazdani, a subspecialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI).

Specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology can perform the assessment and management of patients with infertility. Subspecialists in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) are specifically certified and trained in the assessment and management of patients with infertility, their suitability for pregnancy and the welfare of the unborn child. Subspecialists are able to offer all treatment options and manage all problems, including repeated IVF failure and complex surgery.

In Queensland, there are only three certified subspecialists in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, two of whom – Dr Kroon and A/Prof Yazdani – work at Eve Health.

All specialists at Eve Health are annually accredited, reviewed and participate in an active education program. In addition, our specialist nurse, Jen Griffiths, holds a Masters in Reproductive Medicine. Eve Health is actively engaged in continued medical education and conducts the only accredited subspecialist training program in Reproductive Endocrinology, in addition to the only Advanced Endoscopic Surgery Training Program in the state.


Where do Eve doctors perform gynaecology procedures?

Eve Health specialists perform gynaecology procedures in a number of hospitals across Brisbane including the Mater Private Hospital, The Wesley Hospital, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital and Spring Hill Specialist Day Hospital.

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