Long Distance Patients

Eve Health is committed to enabling access to high quality care for women across Queensland and beyond.

Eve Health is proud to offer Telehealth, a recent initiative in patient accessibility and care. Telehealth optimises service delivery by connecting patients and their primary providers with our team through live audio and video conferencing. Telehealth gives Eve Health patients unprecedented access to our team of dedicated obstetricians, gynaecologists and fertility experts. Telehealth enables Eve Health to deliver care beyond Brisbane, to patients from other metropolitan cities, and rural and remote districts all over Australasia and the Pacific Islands.

We specialise in:
• Telehealth consultations for patients who are unable to attend the practice, and
• Assisting long distance patients who need to visit the practice for specialist care not available to them locally.

Telehealth offers the potential for significant patient benefits, particularly in remote, regional and outer metropolitan areas. Telehealth consultation aims to provide immediate access to specialists without the time and expense of travel to our metropolitan centre. The participation of the patient’s usual healthcare provider (for example, a GP) during the consultation can provide appropriate, immediate access to all management options and enhanced continuity and quality of care.

Eve Health specialists are appointed to Brisbane’s leading private and public hospitals, permitting private, intermediate and public care arrangements. Our dedicated administrative staff is intimately familiar with the challenges that remote patients face and have experience in travel assessment and management solutions.

To arrange a Telehealth consultation, please speak with our friendly Reception team on (07) 3332 1999 or email us at reception@evehealth.com.au

Long Distance Patients Visiting the Practice

Please see our Long Distance Patient Information here.

Before your appointment with your Eve Health Specialist, you will need to complete our Long Distance Questionnaire and return by emailing reception@evehealth.com.au or faxing 07 3332 1990.

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment, please call (07) 3332 1999 or email reception@evehealth.com.au

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