Persistent pelvic pain – solving the puzzle

It is very likely that you know a girl or woman with persistent pelvic pain but you may not be aware of it. This medical condition affects approximately 15-25% of Australian women, with huge impacts on quality of life, relationships, workforce participation and mental wellbeing. Not many people talk about pelvic pain and there are […]

Pap smears are changing

Pap smears are changing!! There are major changes happening to the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP) starting on the 1st of December. What does this mean for me? The old Pap smear test will be replaced by the new Cervical Screening Test (CST).

Embracing Menopause

The lead up to and the period of menopause in our youth obsessed western culture is most often a time that many women fear.  It is imbued with so many negative connotations – of ‘being old’, ‘dried up’, and no longer vibrant.  In contrast the menopause in many other cultures around the world represents a […]

The Facts about Flu Vaccination & Pregnancy

Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious respiratory viral infection that circulates each year in the winter months and can cause serious illness in previously healthy people. Unlike a cold, flu symptoms develop abruptly one to three days after infection, and can include: tiredness, high fever, chills, headache, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny noses, poor appetite, […]

What to expect at your first fertility appointment

Have you ever heard the quote “the journey of a million miles begins with a single step”? For couples having difficulty conceiving, taking the first step can be an overwhelming and intimidating idea. To help with this, here’s a complete rundown of what you can expect from your first fertility appointment. Basically, the first appointment […]

Changes to cervical cancer screening

Good news for women who don’t enjoy their two-yearly Pap test (so, basically all women): from 1 May 2017, the old Pap smear will be no more. Following advances in technology and medical research, the National Cervical Screening Program will implement a number of changes to improve early detection and save more lives. The first […]

Eve Health is moving!

The team at Eve Health is excited to share some big news and major changes that will be happening over the coming months. From 28 December 2016, Eve Health will be consolidating all services in our Spring Hill rooms, which will be undergoing a major expansion in 2017. Due for completion in April 2017, the […]

Dealing with morning sickness

Pregnancy can be a very exciting and special time, characterised by images of the happy, glowing mum-to-be. Whilst this may be the case for some, nausea and morning sickness can make early pregnancy a miserable time for many mums-to-be. If you’re experiencing morning sickness, the first thing to know is that this is a very […]

Endometriosis and the bowel

This post was written by Eve Health’s Dr Michael Wynn-Williams, and first appeared on Endometriosis Australia’s blog. Endometriosis is most commonly thought of as a condition affecting the reproductive organs, but this is not exclusively the case. In some cases, endometriosis can also involve the bowel. As with pelvic endometriosis, symptoms of bowel endometriosis can […]

Botox for pelvic pain

When people think of botox their minds usually conjure images of plump lips and frozen foreheads. But few people know that botox injections are also a widely-used treatment for a range of medical conditions including stiff neck, sweaty armpits and migraine headaches. Botox can also be an effective treatment for severe forms of pelvic pain. […]

Your fertility and a healthy weight

We all know that eating right and exercising regularly offers a multitude of health benefits including a decreased risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers. Now there’s another reason to make a healthy change: your fertility. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant naturally or you’re undergoing fertility treatment, being at […]

Dealing with heavy periods (Menorrhagia)

No woman enjoys her period – it’s generally a bothersome and often painful time. But for women suffering from menorrhagia, period time presents a more serious issue. Menorrhagia is the medical term for excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding, and can affect menstruating women of all ages. Women with menorrhagia lose about 5 to 6 tablespoons […]

The facts about Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD is a modern contraceptive method making a splash in the media. Perhaps you’ve already heard or read about the Mirena, and are considering whether this option is right for you. To help you make a decision, we’ve rounded up all the facts below. So, what exactly is Mirena? Mirena is a long-acting, reversible […]

The fourth trimester: Life with your newborn

You made a tiny human – congratulations! Now what? Eve’s Midwife, Lauren Williams, shares her knowledge to help you through those special, yet crazy first weeks with your newborn. Making the transition from being parented to being a parent is a time of discovery, trial and error, and learning. Many new parents underestimate their own instincts […]

Your fertility questions

Recently, there has been discussion surrounding the management of fertility services in Australia and New Zealand. Here at Eve Health, we aim to cultivate a trusting and mutually-respectful relationship with our patients, and always want you to feel safe and confident in our doctors and the services they provide. To help with this, Eve Health’s Clinical Director […]

Coping at Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it can also be a difficult time when your dream to start a family is yet to be fulfilled. If you’re worried about how you might feel this Christmas, Eve Specialist Clinical Nurse Jen Griffiths suggests being prepared with an action plan. Prepare for any possible […]

Confidence is key: advice for new mums

Having your first baby is one of life’s biggest transitions, fraught with uncertainty and anxiousness. It’s a time when many start to reflect on what kind of parent they want to be. Eve Midwife, Lauren Williams, shares her advice for new mums looking for answers during this time. The beginning of your pregnancy is filled with excitement. But it’s […]

Don’t fear early labour

Don’t fear early labour… it can set the tone for the rest of the childbirth experience. Eve midwife, Lauren Williams, shares all you need to know about labour, so that you can feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. Anyone who has read about labour will know there are three stages: Contractions – broken into […]

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