Confidence is key: advice for new mums

Having your first baby is one of life’s biggest transitions, fraught with uncertainty and anxiousness. It’s a time when many start to reflect on what kind of parent they want to be. Eve Midwife, Lauren Williams, shares her advice for new mums looking for answers during this time. The beginning of your pregnancy is filled with excitement. But it’s […]

Don’t fear early labour

Don’t fear early labour… it can set the tone for the rest of the childbirth experience. Eve midwife, Lauren Williams, shares all you need to know about labour, so that you can feel more comfortable knowing what to expect. Anyone who has read about labour will know there are three stages: Contractions – broken into […]

The Emergency Myth

Many people think an emergency caesarean section means there’s something drastically wrong and involves a big rush to the operating room, but that’s not always the case. Eve Health obstetrician Dr Paul Conaghan sets the record straight on the “emergency  myth”. The truth is, in most emergency instances, we usually have time to discuss our planned course […]

The Magic of Skin-to-Skin Contact for Healthy Term Newborns

The first hour after the birth, also referred to as “the magical hour”, is a developmentally distinct time for your baby. Eve Health midwife Lauren Williams discusses this special time. The first hour after birth should ideally be spent with your baby lying skin-to-skin on your chest, without interference. Regardless of how you intend on feeding your baby, […]

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