Sterilisation Reversal

The decision to get a tubal ligation is not one that is taken lightly and often made for good reason. However, circumstances can change and the desire to start or expand a family can arise years later.

Eve Health can help couples who have received surgical sterilisation to conceive naturally and are one of the only groups in Brisbane performing this surgery on women.

For women, this process is called tubal reanastomosis and is performed by rejoining the tubes with small stitches.

All sterilisation reversals are performed by keyhole surgery and have proven to be quite successful for those who have not fallen pregnant through IVF.  Studies have shown sterilisation reversal can be more effective for couples over 40 in some circumstance, with the cumulative pregnancy rates showing a significant increase in comparison to IVF.

The surgery is minimally invasive and in most cases, reversal patients will go home on the same day as the procedure. Reversal also presents couples with a significantly reduced cost when compared to IVF and allows you the opportunity to conceive naturally every month as you once did.

A/Prof Anusch Yazdani and Dr Wynn-Williams offer the reversal of sterilisation to insured and uninsured couples at a number of hospitals in Brisbane. These hospitals are selected to suit your needs and financial situation.

Sterilisation reversal is just another way that Eve Health will take a holistic approach to your health and the start of your pregnancy. Contact us today to book your appointment or discuss the procedure with Michael Wynn-Williams or A/Prof Anusch Yazdani.

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