Jenny Bartlett

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Jenny Bartlett

Clinical Nurse (RN), Grad DipMid

Specialist Clinical Nurse (RN) Gynaecology and Pain Management Jenny, who has specialised in women’s health nursing, joined Eve Health in 2017. She works closely with our gynaecologists, caring for Eve gynaecology patients and providing support and education before, during and after treatment.

Jenny is also Eve Health’s pain management nurse and works closely with the other members of the Persistent Pelvic Pain Team at Eve Health including Pain Specialists, Gynaecologists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Dieticians.

A large part of her daily duties is to monitor and communicate with a patient about her condition and report back to the members of the pain management team. Jenny’s greatest attribute is her ability to relate and empathise with patients. Patients spend a lot of time with Jenny via emails, phone calls and in person. She helps patients with all facets of their treatment – medical and clinical aspects as well as the psychological hurdles they often endure.