Tips to get through the Christmas period when having fertility treatment

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The Christmas period is a joyous and exciting time of year, but it can also be a difficult time of year for the 1 in 6 Australian couples having trouble getting pregnant and especially those going through fertility treatment.

For those undergoing fertility treatments some thoughtful planning may help reduce the sadness and anxiety and perhaps even allow you to actually enjoy the festive season.

If you are worried about how you may feel at Christmas, preparing yourself an action plan on how to handle potential uncomfortable situations may assist.

Your supportive team at Eve Health have put together some ideas for an action plan that can help you navigate your way through this time of year.

  • Plan your engagements and remember you don’t have to say yes to every invitation. It is okay to say no to situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Your feelings matter.
  • Prepare yourself for some difficult questions about your plans to start a family and have pre-planned answers and don’t feel you must share every detail.
  • Make some holiday plans with friends or family who don’t have children.
  • Consider doing something different at Christmas as there are many fun things to do that don’t involve children. Seek these activities with your partner or friends. Make new traditions!
  • Prioritise your own enjoyment and practice self-care. Spend the festive season doing things you enjoy doing and don’t feel guilty about it.
  • If you have a partner, spend quality time together and discuss your feelings about the past and your expectations for the future together.
  • If you are single, speak to your support person about the feelings you have at this time of year, what you see as your challenges at this time and how they can help you.

Maintaining your focus on optimising your fertility can also help if you are feeling low. Keeping up your exercise and healthy eating program and avoiding binge drinking can assist with maintaining a positive outlook.

Having a plan for the New Year can also be helpful at this time. If you are unclear on what future treatment options you may have or in fact what the best option is, call the clinic on 07 3332 1999 and have a conversation with your nurse.