Dr Ben Kroon

Dr Ben Kroon is a founding Director of Eve Health and could be your doctor if you need:

  • A Fertility Specialist
  • An Obstetrician
  • A Gynaecologist
  • A Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr Ben Kroon has extensive clinical experience and medical training in both Australia and New Zealand, with expertise spanning simple and complex gynaecology, fertility and obstetrics.

Dr Kroon has achieved the highest level of advanced specialist training in infertility, making him one of only a few fertility and reproductive endocrinology subspecialists in the state. He has a special interest in male and female infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and fertility preservation.

Dr Kroon specialises in surgical treatments that optimise fertility, with a particular interest in minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery. His surgical practice has a focus on endometriosis, menstrual disorders and other conditions that may impede a woman’s fertility.

As a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, Dr Kroon is committed to medical education. He is widely published and is frequently invited to speak on all areas of fertility.

An expert in gynaecology, fertility and obstetrics, Dr Kroon is able to offer continuity of care from pre-conception to delivery. In his obstetric practice, Dr Kroon places particular emphasis on clinical safety and individualisation of delivery plans. Dr Kroon delivers babies exclusively at the Wesley Hospital, Brisbane.

Dr Kroon prides himself on thorough investigation and evidence based management in all areas of clinical medicine. He is approachable, kind, and enjoys an excellent relationship with his patients.

You can meet Dr Kroon here, where he features in our partners (Queensland Fertiltiy Group) video:



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