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Congratulations… you are having a baby! This is such exciting news, and our Brisbane Obstetricians would love to care for you during this wonderful time in your family’s life.

Women have so much choice in their model of pregnancy care and maternity hospitals in the River City. At Eve Health, Brisbane’s largest obstetric group, your obstetrician will care for you from your first appointment, through your pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks postpartum.

You will experience expert private care, a one-on-one relationship with your obstetrician and a delivery that is sensitive to your values, preferences and clinical needs. At Eve Health, we are very proud to share that 94% of women have their chosen obstetrician at their baby’s birth*.  On the rare occasion they are not available at the time, another local Eve Brisbane obstetrician, who has knowledge of your pregnancy will attend your delivery. You can also choose an obstetrician who works at either the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital in South Brisbane or The Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower.

Eve Health obstetricians share a philosophy of personal, compassionate and comprehensive pregnancy care. We are committed to your pregnancy care to ensure that you have a positive, rewarding and safe experience over the coming months.

We strongly believe that the best pregnancy and birth care are met through a multi-disciplinary approach to women’s health care. Your obstetrician will work in a team with our Eve midwives, and affiliated physiotherapists, psychologist and dietician. We have pre-pregnancy seminars you can attend while you are trying for a baby and many parents-to-be attend our antenatal education classes. When your baby is born you can join our Eve Parents’ Group which encourages support and friendship.

*Based on deliveries by Eve Health obstetricians between April 2018 to January 2019.

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      Commonly Asked Questions

      When should I have my first appointment?

      We recommend you contact us to book your first appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant. Most women will have their first appointment between 7 and 10 weeks for a dating scan where you will see your baby for the first time. Of course, you are welcome to come and see us earlier than 7 weeks if you like.

      Where do Eve Health obstetricians deliver?

      Eve Health delivers at both The Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, Brisbane and The Wesley Hospital. Your choice of obstetrician will largely determine the hospital at which you will deliver.

      Dr Ben Kroon delivers exclusively at the Wesley Hospital; Dr Paul Conaghan, Dr Tal Jacobson, Dr Rob Butler, and Dr Robyn Aldridge deliver exclusively at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital; and Dr Matthew Smith and Dr David Moore,  offer delivery at both hospitals.

      Who do I contact if I need assistance outside of my clinic appointments?

      In a medical emergency, call the Ambulance on 000. If you are experiencing symptoms such as vaginal bleeding or fluid loss, contractions, have noticed a reduction in baby’s movements, or you are unwell, please call the below contact for your respective hospital of delivery. The midwives will advise you of the most appropriate course of action.


      Mater Mothers’ Pregnancy Assessment Centre (PAC)
      3163 8800.


      Wesley Hospital Labour Ward
      3232 7221


      If you have non-urgent symptoms, please contact the Eve Health reception team, who will arrange an appointment with your specialist as soon as possible. Phone (07) 3332 1999, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

      What if my chosen specialist is unavailable for my birth?

      On the rare occasion that your obstetrician is unavailable for your birth, you can rest assured that another Eve obstetrician, who knows and understands your personal case, will be there to care for you with the same skill and expertise you can expect from all Eve obstetricians. All doctors have immediate access to your records and information and will cater to your needs. We are very proud to share that 96% of women have their chosen obstetrician at their baby’s birth.

      What fees are associated with your obstetric services?

      Antenatal visits and antenatal education visits will be billed at the time of these consultations. You will pay a separate Pregnancy Management Fee to your chosen Eve specialist obstetrician. This is invoiced at 28 weeks’ gestation. If you have an appropriate level of obstetric cover we will bill your delivery fee directly to your private health fund with no cost to you. If, however, you are uninsured, delivery fees will apply. If you are unsure about your cover, please discuss this with our Reception team on 3332 1999.

      Please also be aware that additional costs for private hospital accommodation, anaesthetists, paediatricians and other health professionals may be involved in your care. These fees will be billed to you separately by the hospital and other providers.

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