Dr Rob Butler

Dr Rob Butler is a Director at Eve Health and could be your doctor if you are looking for:

  • An Obstetrician
  • A Gynaecologist

Dr Butler is passionate about delivering personalised care underpinned by a genuine understanding of and commitment to your needs.

With a special interest in the area of high risk pregnancy and the management of complex medical conditions in pregnancy, Dr Butler is a perfect fit for you if you are expecting twins or a multiple birth, hoping to have a natural birth after a previous caesarean, or have a family history of preterm delivery.

Just like all of the Eve Health Obstetricians, Dr Butler practices the traditional obstetrics model where his patients receive ‘complete pregnancy care’ from pre conception advice though to birth and beyond. Dr Butler delivers babies exclusively at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital, Brisbane.

As an ex-representative rower and keen cyclist/triathlete, Rob also has a special area of interest in exercise and nutrition in pregnancy, and can offer his patients specific advice to meet any exercise requirements.

Dr Butler also has additional specialist training in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, to facilitate the treatment of most gynaecology conditions.

If you have a history of or if your GP suspects any of the following then Dr Butler has deep knowledge, specialist’s skills and experience in:

Obstetrics, difficult and complex pregnancies, caesarean section, endometriosis, pelvic pain, abnormal periods,  fibroids and menstrual disorders.

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