Midwifery Services

Our holistic, personalised approach to care includes access to our team of experienced midwives, providing you with the benefit of collective expertise.

During your pregnancy you will have access to both your obstetrician and our in-house midwives for your antenatal and postnatal care. We feel that establishing a relationship with a known midwife as well as your obstetrician provides a holistic approach to your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

All women booked for obstetric care will have the option of scheduled visits during pregnancy as well as postnatal visits with one of our midwives, Lauren Williams or Claire Howlett. These appointments are between 20-40mins in length and cover common pregnancy concerns, diet, exercise and an opportunity to answer any questions or concerns about “what is normal”. You are encouraged to book your initial midwife appointment between 16-18 weeks. This session is a good opportunity for our midwives to give you reassurance by hearing baby’s heartbeat, especially for new parents who may not have felt fetal movements. Your obstetrician will guide you as to when to book in your second session.

Meet our Midwives

LaurenLauren Williams is Eve Health’s Clinical Director of Midwifery Services. Lauren has completed a Bachelor of Nursing, a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery, and a Masters in Midwifery Research with Australian Catholic University. In addition to this, Lauren has over 11 years’ experience working in the Birthing Suites and the Pregnancy Assessment Unit at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital, caring for a broad range of low- and high-risk women.

She is a Medicare Eligible Midwife, meaning she meets additional registration standards that allow her to provide women with Medicare-funded services, and order ultrasound and diagnostic tests as an independent professional or in collaboration with the Eve obstetricians. Read more about Lauren.




Claire HowlettClaire Howlett has been a midwife for over ten years. She is an Eve Health in-house midwife, and began training in the United Kingdom working in a birthing unit with both low and high risk obstetrics. Claire moved with her family to Australia in 2011 and currently works part-time at Eve Health and as a clinical midwife at The Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

Claire’s philosophy as a midwife is to empower women to understand birth and to trust in their own ability to birth. It is her belief that by providing women with the appropriate education and knowledge, she can dispel some of their fears and anxieties surrounding their birth expectations. This in turn enables them to embrace their pregnancy journey, have a positive birth experience and welcome their impending adventure into parenthood. Claire believes that she can help influence birth through education and preparation, and therefore enable women to make choices that support the type of birth they would like. Read more about Claire.


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