As a holistic women’s health clinic, Eve Health is very proud to recommend professional and respectful psychology services with a focus on mental health and women’s wellbeing. We refer to our affiliated psychologist, Lucy Kennedy, and we also refer to other specialist psychology services where required.

We understand that a psychologist can really make a difference to the way women manage a new or existing diagnosis and improve the capacity to cope during treatment and recovery. Psychological treatment can help you to better identify and manage troublesome symptoms, lessen emotional distress, provide support and guidance, and educate you about your mental health. Psychological care can be an important and helpful addition to a woman’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Lucy Kennedy is an experienced consulting psychologist who has worked in general practice, private practice, hospitals, alcohol and drug services, and weight and pain management clinics.

Lucy assists women suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety, in adjusting to medical diagnoses, in decision making prior to surgery, and in implementing strategies that can improve overall health and wellbeing.

Her approach is patient-centred, practical and individual.  She encourages and supports motivation and skill building aimed at improving the ability to adapt to change and challenges; teaches and encourages relaxation and stress management; and assists women to live life in a way most satisfying and valuable to them. Lucy uses a range of therapies and techniques for treatment including acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, stress management techniques, and mindfulness and relaxation.

You can see Lucy with or without a GP or specialist referral/Mental Health Care Plan and you can also use private health cover if you have the appropriate policy.

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