Anusch Yazdani


IVF is not for Everyone – by A/Prof Anusch Yazdani

There are lots of ways a fertility specialist can help you get pregnant without jumping straight into IVF. In fact, IVF is the last option that doctors will choose for their patients as our aim is to get you pregnant as naturally as possible. Of course, every patient has a different story and a different reason for why they have

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Fertility Treatments, by A/Prof Anusch Yazdani

Ovulation Induction – This involves using medication, either oral tablets for 5 days, starting around day 2 or 3 of the cycle or self-administering some injectable medication into the subcutaneous tissue of the abdomen every day for approx. 10-14 days. These medications are easy to use and help the body to produce an egg. We monitor the growth and development of

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