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Dr Susan Evans


Dr Susan Evans is a Gynaecologist and Specialist Pain Medicine Physician from Adelaide, now working part-time at Eve Health. She is author of the book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’, and Director of the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia. She’s been a surgeon removing endometriosis through the laparoscope for 20 years, but she’s also a pain medicine physician who sees the full picture of your pain and wellbeing as equally important. In particular, she’s passionate about helping girls and young women achieve their full potential.

At Eve Health, Dr Evans is offering a consultation service to plan an individualised management strategy for your pain and well-being. An appointment with Dr Evans includes a long consultation (60 minutes), with an opportunity to discuss all the different symptoms you may be experiencing. Dr Evans will then prepare a comprehensive report with management recommendations for you to work through with your referring doctor.

Although Dr Evans no longer performs laparoscopic surgery herself, she is happy to discuss whether surgery is the right option for you. She can also discuss ways to make your surgical experience as smooth as possible. If surgery is required, Dr Evans can easily arrange a referral to an experienced endometriosis surgeon for you. Even if you do have surgery, it is likely that your management plan may also include lifestyle change, pelvic physiotherapy, medications, dietary change, or pain psychology. Most of all, Dr Evans believes it is important that she explains your pain to you, so you understand your body better.

Dr Evans consults for 3 days per month at Eve Health on Level 1 at our Boundary Court rooms. At other times, she’s busy working in pelvic pain research at the University of Adelaide, so she isn’t available for after-hours or day-to-day enquiries. For this reason, she prefers to receive referrals for girls and women who have their own gynaecologist, pain physician or experienced women’s health GP, who can provide care at other times.