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Lucy Kennedy


Lucy Kennedy is a Psychologist with a special interest in health. She has a background working as a Registered Nurse in areas including Intensive and Coronary Care, surgical and medical, renal/dialysis, neurology and orthopaedics. She completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science in 2008, and went on to complete a Masters in Applied Psychology (Health) in 2013. Lucy has since worked as a consulting psychologist in areas including general practice, suicide prevention, persistent pain management and in the psychological assessment and management of people undertaking bariatric surgery.

 The aim of health-related psychological therapy is to assist you to better understand how your brain-based symptoms (e.g. unhelpful negative thoughts, distressing unmanageable emotions) can be and often are closely interconnected with your bodily symptoms and vice versa (think of tense neck muscles that can develop during a stressful day). Utilising strategies that improve brain health can improve both your mental (brain) and physical (bodily) health, and overall sense of wellbeing. Lucy utilises evidence-based framework to assess and treat the concerns you present with which may include difficulty adjusting to a new diagnosis, difficulty adhering to a treatment regime, behaviour change, anxiety, depression, trauma, suicidality, and difficulty managing a persistent pain problem.

Lucy understands you are the most essential part of the therapy process and as such will work with you and advocate for you; she will also communicate with other members of your treating team in a timely way. She will utilise some or all of the following in the treatment she provides:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Supportive Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation strategies
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Suicide risk assessment and management

Lucy consults at Eve Health every Tuesday and Thursday at our Boundary Court rooms on Level 1. Initial consultations will be 50-60 minutes in length which will allow time for Lucy to understand your current concerns and to take your history. At this time, a plan will be formulated which will include setting treatment goals. You can see Lucy with or without a GP referral/Mental Health Care Plan, and use private health cover if you have the appropriate policy.

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