Parents’ Group

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Every Tuesday from 9:30am

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Herston Bistro at Victoria Park Golf Club


Free to all Eve parents
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We understand that the early days of parenting a newborn can have its ups and downs. Being a parent is tough and some days are easier than others.

At Eve Health we have extended our care to our new families by offering an Eve Parents’ Group which supports our new parents in a friendly environment.

At our Parents’ Group there are no structured talks, however guest speakers are invited along from time to time to offer their expert advice on sleeping and feeding and other child health development. We run a fun and relaxing group where mothers and fathers can make new friends and let their babes enjoy tummy time on our large baby mat.

An Eve Health midwife attends each week offering advice and to discuss parenting concerns that may come up. You can even have a quiet chat in confidence, whether it be about breastfeeding, sleep or how you are emotionally adjusting to motherhood. Our midwives are happy to take your baby for a walk while you enjoy your coffee and breakfast with two hands!

Many parents tell us they have made lifelong friends with other new parents they have met during this very special time in their lives and they return to the group as their family grows.

The group meets every Tuesday from 9.30am to 11.30am at Victoria Park Golf Club Bistro in Herston. The Bistro is easily accessible with free parking and pram access. Facilities include a full kitchen menu, beverages and cakes. The area is next to a fabulous playground for the older siblings, with ping-pong tables and assorted games.

All parents are welcome to Parents’ Group, but we have a strong focus on supporting new parents and babies up to 5 months of age.

If you want to join us, you are welcome to just come along and introduce yourself – we would love to meet you.

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